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How Stage 4 

Changed My

Family's Life. 



Hunter Rose Jones is a beautiful and fun-loving four year old little girl. Hunter loves laughing, playing with dolls, watching Ryan's Toy Review on YouTube, opening Hatchimals, coloring, swimming, having tea parties, going to Sunday School, and playing with her older brother and cousin. She was Daddy's little princes, and we were your typical American family, oblivious to what was headed our way. 


On September 22, 2017, after an epic Summer trip to Disneyland, Hunter Rose Jones was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma and immediately began aggressive treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital. Soon thereafter, she began teaching us all how to not allow our circumstances to determine our happiness.


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We Hope For A Cure,

But Our HOPE Is In


He is alive!

What Do You

Do When Life Blindsides You? 

Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that starts in young nerve cells called neuroblasts. In a healthy child, these cells become the nerves that control functions like heartbeat and blood pressure and the way the body reacts to stress. In neuroblastoma, some of the neuroblasts do not mature. Instead, they divide and grow into tumors. Cancer in children is rare, and neuroblastoma accounts for less than 10% of all childhood cancers. Doctors group neuroblastoma into 3 levels: low, intermediate, and high risk. Risk refers to how difficult the neuroblastoma is to treat. 
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